FCD Program Soft Article

-Are you a Human Resources or a Talent Management Professional? Are you struggling to find the right person for the right job at the right time?

As the business environment becomes more competitive, people have become the differentiators. That’s why assessment systems have become more important than ever, in order to select, retain, and develop talented people.

Assessment plays a vital role in employee development, as it streamlines the development process by targeting KSAs in need of development.

Have you ever wondered how you can better yourself and help your organization move forward?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Did you know that over 52% of HR Professionals have serious concerns over building next-generation organizational leaders?

The FCD Program will help you achieve 5 MAIN GOALS:

1- Increase the probability of hiring the best candidates. Some assessments measure KSAs, while other assessments measure personal attributes such as personality, work preferences, and motivation.

2- Better target training resources: Rather than assuming that all employees need the same training, assessments can help identify the specific areas where training would be most beneficial on an individual basis.

3- Promote continuous learning and development: Good assessment programs periodically measure employees' capabilities and provide specific feedback to help them further develop.

4- Empower managers: Good assessment programs can provide valuable data that help managers develop the talent pools in their organizations and help them accomplish operational goals.

5- Improve organizational effectiveness: Follow-up research showed very high relationships between product knowledge and a variety of financial measures, which propelled the organization to an even greater commitment to employee development.

The FCD Program and the Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) credential provide you with the core career development competencies tailored specifically for a Human Resources or a Talent Management Professional to help you in your assessment and selection journey through 3 MAJOR MODULES:

‏1- Helping Skills: Be proficient in the basic career facilitating process while including productive interpersonal relationships.

2- Labor Market Information and Resource: Understand the labor market and occupational information and trends.

3- ASSESSMENT: Comprehend and use both formal and informal career development assessments.

Hurry up now and book your seat!

Apple’s Launching A New App That Will Make You Track Non-Apples

A new report from 9to5Mac says that Apple is putting out a new thing, as it is planning to merge a couple of applications. You might not be using some of these Apple apps that you have on your iPhone or iPad, or any other iOS devices, which are Find My Friends and Find My iPhone.

As 9to5Mac has been on a tear, it is reported that they have been working on a successor to these apps. A new app that will merge both of their functions.

As important as Find My Friends app is for wanting to know the location of a friend, a partner, or even your children for safety purposes. Find My iPhone is foremost and critical as well. In case you misplaced your iPhone, your AirPods or whatever iOS device you might have, you can log in and see for the last time it checked in.

Having both features merged in a new app is tremendous. Not only that but Apple is also planning to debut a hardware product that looks similar to the tile device, and similar to the tag that you can attach to your keychain for instance for spotting their location when lost. Thinking of this is nothing but brilliant as most people tend to lose and misplace their own wallet for example twice a day for the least. So having a trackable tag inside your bag or attached to your kid’s lunchbox is a great help.

If Apple really entered this game and decided to sell their own Apple-branded tracing devices, having both of the mentioned above apps features merged will be a precedent.

No timetable for when to expect it or that it will be on iOS 13, but they mentioned it will be announced in this September’s event when Apple typically makes new hardware announcements.

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