How New Media Contributes To The Beauty Myth

One thing that has always amused me about certain cultural “truths” is how there is often nothing true at all about them. I remember interviewing many people—young and old, male and female, gay and straight—in the 1990s about their conceptions of beauty using the model of 1970’s beauty standards and iconography from the US television program, Charlie’s Angels. I was surprised to learn that the majority of my subjects found that they deemed the most beautiful “angel” to be Kate Jackson, not Jacly

Rush Brush Witnesses Increased Consumer Demand During Pandemic

Covid-19 has caused the demise of many businesses around the world but it has also accelerated the growth of some others. One such business is Rush Brush, an Alexandria-born direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand of hair styling products that claim to have seen its sales grow by 300 percent (YoY) during the first eight months of 2020. The startup that sells different electrical hair styling tools and products including straighteners, dryers, curlers, and volumizers, mainly relies on

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

“I knew there was something different about me. It seemed to me that I was encased in my own bubble, my own world and it frustrated me to tears that I couldn’t work out how to make that bubble pop. Soon, my bubble solidified. It became glass. It was suffocating and at times, my glass bubble would fill with water. I wish somebody had told me that different was okay and that I absolutely did not have to replicate, in exact detail, the ‘perfect’ people that surrounded me.”

Helmy Most Successful Egyptian Entrepreneur - A Tale Of Success

Helmy is the owner of Stylish Eve, an American company, which owns the famous brand Rush Brush for hair-styling products, that has spread widely within the last two years all around the Middle East, Gulf countries, the U.S. and South Africa. Helmy started his professional career off back in May 2009 while still being an engineering student. He started his journey by Stylish Eve, an online magazine that mainly targets women all over the world while providing them with the most contemporary ideas

7 Reasons To Drink Water Right After Waking Up

We have always been told that drinking water boosts our energy and makes us feel fresher, more sparkling, and healthier. But not all of us know that the time of drinking water during the day can control its benefits and advantages. While drinking water throughout the day is essential, experts have recommended that drinking two glasses of water in the morning on an empty stomach is a magical trick to fire up your metabolism, hydrate your body, help your body flush out toxins, energize your brain

32-Year-Old Egyptian Entrepreneur Became a Millionaire

Who would have known that entrepreneurship makes $500.000 a month? According to an analysis by online casino guide Slotsia, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos made their first million at the average age of 36. This Egyptian student made his first million at the age of 28. The Gate to an Amazing Look The "rags-to-riches" inspirational stories may be a cliché, however, this one is definitely motivational. Ahmed Helmy was an Engineering student who grew up in poverty. Dropping school, he decided to start

E-Commerce Become Threat to Retailers

Director and Chairman of Stylish Eve Trading Group LLC Engineer Ahmed Helmy said that the demand for e-commerce has witnessed during these months a booming record, especially since the Egyptian government started implementing anti-coronavirus measures. Helmy pointed out that the biggest challenge for retail company owners is keeping pace with the current changes and rapidly diverting their course to e-commerce because it is more accessible, convenient, and available around the clock.

Here’s What Happens To Bad Boys.

Apparently, shooting stars really do work! This Fall, runway shows have embraced two of the world’s hottest felons. The Blue Eyed Bandit was arrested in an FBI crackdown in 2014 for a gang-related crime and gun possession. It was only when the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook in 19 June 2014, that it reached rapid fame. Under the caption of “Convicted felon arrested for felony weapon charges“, the image reached 100.000 likes, 20.000 comments, and 12.000 shares. Not onl

Have You Ever Dreamt of Mermaid-like Hair?

Just heat up any oil treatment, rub it into your scalp, wait a little while, and you’ll see the difference. Your hair will instantly feel thicker and softer. Be it Jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or any other oil will do wonders; just heat it up and apply thoroughly. Egg whites are a solution that is always available and inexpensive. Eggs make the hair strong, prevent breakage, make it soft and help in its growth. While artificial products strip the hair of its natural oils, eggs help rest

How To Quick-fix Your Dry Hair Ends?

Have split-ends become a daily nightmare? Has your hair had enough after years of bleaching, dying and almost daily-use of styling heat? Although you knew the horrible consequences and all the warning signs, you risked it anyway. Have you ended up with hair breakage and brittle split-ends and you are thinking of having a pixie cut to save this mess? Wait and read the following tips for getting back your healthy hair and win the fight against your split-ends. One trick is trying alternative sty

13 Simple Fashion Tricks That Make You Look Fancy On A Budget

Your bank account is in the red? Need to look fashionable but cannot afford it? Looking fab is a not just some expensive pieces if you do not have the SWAG to rock it. It is just about how you can pull clothes off with the simplest and cheapest tricks.Here, we have some fashion tricks to make your mundane boring pieces looking real chic. It’s time to get the glam. A good quality handbag is a good investment. You do not have to wear haute couture from tip to toe, a classy neutral color bag wil

Gucci, What are you thinking?

Gucci is taking the runway, not to another level this time, but to a completely another dimension, as Milan has witnessed recently a bizarre Fall-Winter 2018 show that has strutted down everyone. The designer, Alessandro Michele, has accessorized his models with entities out of this world. A model holding a dragon pet, a model carrying her heard, another in a mesh cover-up, and one with a unibrow. The event featured a Cyborg theme, representing a “figure that can overcome the dualism and dicho

The Everyday Societal Pressures Of Being A Woman

Why is it that to be a woman we must be so many things?! A woman has to be beautiful, funny, strong (but not too strong), successful (but not that successful), and maternal (because what are you if you do not want babies?). We have to be enough (whatever the hell that means), yet not too much. We have to be above all (but not above him), smart (but not smarter than him). Not only that, but we also have to adopt our own opinions and views. But when there are men around that disagree, we have to

A Russian photographer experienced life in a surreal way.

A Russian photographer experienced life in a surreal way. His perspective to colors made his photographs magical by juxtaposing fashion to grand vistas of nature. A modern kind of camouflage is being presented by the ultimate right choice of dresses and colors in combination to natural scenes and architecture. We have always witnessed the beauty of fashion and landscapes, each separately. Yet, seeing them both complimenting each other results in ethereal photographs. The photographer traveled

A Flower-Bride 400 Feet Above The Moab Desert

The American Couple’s Surreal Wedding Photos Will Make Your Heart Melt. The Moab Desert in Utah, USA has witnessed one of the raddest wedding photo-shoots ever. Be it the desert where they first met has given the event a magical, romantic and dreamy glow. The American couple, Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin, has tied the knot and said “I do” on a 400′ off the ground space net above the stark beauty of Moab canyon. The adventurous couple has decided to get married in the very same spot where th

How To Make A Romantic Cake That Will Melt Any Heart

Many of us are so pressed for time that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s a quick trip down to the supermarket to buy some heart-shaped chocolates or to get online and find something quirky and often useless after Valentine’s day is over.If someone suggested you bake a cake, you’d probably have a laugh and wonder when you could possibly find the time, yet when everything is clearly explained for you, baking a cake isn’t that time consuming, and especially this wonderful three-tier Valentine

20 Perfect Examples Of Why Labradors And Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

Ask anyone what their favorite breed of dog is, and there are over 100 different answers they could come up with. However, here at Stylish Eve, we have a big soft spot for Golden Retrievers and labradors, and we have come up with 20 examples of why these dogs are just so adorable. These dogs have a reputation for being fiercely loyal, very biddable and with a very gentle nature, having been bred to help their masters in some of the harshest environments. In Labrador, just off Greenland, Labrado

15 Photos to Prove There is Life After Devastating Australian Bush Fires

Unless you have been living on another planet for the last three months, it is impossible to have missed the news of the months-long devastating bush fires that have devastated parts of Victoria and New South Wales in Australia. It is heart-breaking to read of the desperately tragic loss of animals who perished in the fire, with up to 30% of the entire Koala population believed to have died and over half a billion animals killed in Victoria alone. Of course, it is easy to get swept along in the

21 Fascinating Pictures Depicting How Historical Figures Would Look Today

I am sure that many of you have, at some point in your life, wondered what it would have been like to live in a past age. Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live in Rome at the time of Julius Caesar, or to live in France at the time of Napoleon or during the French Revolution, providing you didn’t end up on the guillotine!? Well, Becca Saladin was thinking slightly differently when she began her Instagram account Royalty Now. Instead of imagining what life would have been li
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